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Incenteev ParameterHandler, Composer, Capifony

24 of February, 2014

In Symfony projects parameters.yml is a place to store environment specific parameters. To keep project repository clean parameters.yml.dist with sample values is usually checked in instead of real configuration.

To deal with these files there is Incenteev ParameterHandler tool.

It allows to interactively add missing parameters from .yml.dist to .yml. It also removes parameters from .yml if they are missing in .yml.dist as well.

This will be done each time you install or update project dependencies with Composer. It will also run on each deployment if you are using Capifony for that.

To keep outdated parameters you can reconfigure default behavior via composer, but better and cleaner way is to always keep all the relevant sample parameters in your .yml.dist file.

P. S. Just in case if you wondering how to solve it via configuration, here is code snippet for you:

    "extra": {
        "incenteev-parameters": {
            "keep-outdated": true
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